Why volunteer?

CARS volunteers respond to over 6,500 calls per year – that’s about 75% of the City of Charlottesville’s EMS calls and 16% of Albemarle County’s EMS transports.

We have two types of volunteers: operational and support. Operational members are involved with running EMS and special rescue calls; they commit to training for and maintaining professional certifications. Support members serve in different capacities, including office, facility, fund drive, and special event work.

New members are the lifeblood of our organization. Our mentoring program supports and guides new members as they work their way up the ladder of success. Members are provided with uniforms, food while on duty, and other necessities.

If you are at least 18 years old and interested in joining CARS, complete our online application

Types of Membership

Active-Medical: Active-Medical members provide direct patient care and rescue services. They are required to serve a minimum of twelve hours per week on an assigned crew for a minimum of 2 years (after which members can transition to Associate-Medical status if they choose to do so).

Associate-Medical: Applicants for Associate-Medical must be full/released members with another transport EMS agency. They are required to serve a minimum of twenty-four hours per month on any crew.

Associate-Support: Associate-Support members may apply for membership based on their area(s) of interest. Available types include special operations teams (technical, water, and vehicle rescue), practitioner (MD, RN, etc), and administrative (office support, fundraising, vehicle maintenance, station upkeep, logistics and supply). Support members fill specific roles and are expected to complete training requirements for their respective – areas.

Benefits of Membership

CARS members enjoy many aspects of their service; a few highlighted benefits include:

  • Meet a diverse community of fellow rescuers
  • Engage in training opportunities both on and off shift
  • Learn more about the Charlottesville community while providing impactful care
  • Variety of leadership opportunities and committees
  • Special operations opportunities (water rescue, vehicle rescue, technical rescue, remote access rescue)
  • Gain a strong sense of dedication and achievement
  • Reimbursement for external training and classes for members in good standing
  • Free meals while on shift
  • Tax credit eligibility for residents Charlottesville residents
  • Property tax voucher eligibility for Albemarle County residents
  • Participate in standby routines and connect with members of the community

How to Become a Member

To be considered an applicant with CARS, all of the following will be needed for your application:

– Contact information (email address and phone number) for 3 references
– A driver’s license
– CPR Certification and Virginia EMT certification (if applying for Active-Medical or Associate-Medical status)
– Your schedule (so you can request which shift you would like to join)

Once you have gathered this information, please fill out the form below. You will be emailed a link to the application.  We close each month’s cycle on the 15th of the month at 23:59; applications not received by that time will be considered the following month.