CARS CARES (Community Accessible Resources, Education, and Support) is a community outreach initiative that seeks to build collaborative relationships within the community we serve to provide critical life-saving skills, equipment, and knowledge to citizens.  The preventative work is guided by 911 call trends as we strive to match the opportunities for education, training, and support with the needs of each neighborhood, as well as the health and wellbeing of the greater community.

What do we offer at CARS CARES?

- Non-certifying training in CPR and Stop-the-Bleed to empower citizens to respond confidently and competently in emergencies until EMS arrives
- Free equipment such as tourniquets, CPR masks, and first aid kits
- Education about the signs and symptoms of opioid overdoses, overdose reversal training and resources, and treatment referral resources
- Medication disposal bags for unused medications
- Lock bags/boxes to secure medications
- Gun locks
- Ambulance touch-a-truck opportunities
- Stickers, hand sanitizer, fridge magnets, and other kid-friendly items
- Friendly faces ready to connect, support, and assist

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